How to build a healthy hair regimen

A healthy hair regimen is key to any hair journey. Whether you are natural, relaxed or somewhere in between your hair has needs and if you don’t pay attention to them, you may just suffer from massive hair breakage and chronic dry hair. But what exactly is a healthy hair regimen? How do I know what products to use? How often should I moisturize or wash my hair? We have put together a typical healthy hair regimen. This outline gives you the guide you need to build a regimen that is custom to you and your hair. Every head of hair is different. What products work for you, may not work for someone else and because of this you will have to go through some trial and error. If you need help with a place to start you can always send us an email and we will do all we can to help you pick the right products for your mane. A healthy hair regimen is broken down into things you should be doing to care for your hair every other day, weekly and on a monthly basis.


Every other day


Every other day you should be using an oil and a cream to maintain the moisture in your hair. For some people their hair drinks moisture and they may need this every day. As for others you may only need this every two days. Different oils have different weights and thus you will need to try a few out to find what works for you. Some people even mix oils to create a custom moisture cocktail. We can tell you that oils like castor are very heavy and usually work well for thicker hair, while avocado oil is very light and works great for thinner hair. During these one to two day periods some people even use the LOC method or Liquid, Oil, Cream. When you apply a spritz of water to your hair and then use oil, followed by cream you are sealing in moisture. Be wary of sleeping on cotton pillows at night. Cotton will suck all the moisture out of your hair, instead sleep on satin.




Your once a week routine should include your wash day. If you are trying to restore the moisture back into your hair or have recently dyed your mane, you may also need to add a deep condition to your weekly list of hair care duties. Consistency with things like deep conditioning and protein treatments are important, and keeping up with them will bring your hair to its ultimate level of moisture.




Once a month duties are often overlooked, but if you want to have healthy hair, you have to go the extra mile. Outside of your weekly wash day special treatments like hot oil, hair masks and ultra deep conditioners with scalp massages will add extra moisturizing time to your hair shaft. Adding this monthly extra to your regimen will no doubt show a difference in your hair retention and natural luster and shine.


When building your hair regimen, consistency is important. Remembering to moisturize your hair is the easy part. The rough patches come when you skip wash day or don’t pay attention to monthly additives. Picking a consistent day of the week for wash day such as Saturday mornings or Sunday nights will help you get your routine together. We hope this helps! Take pictures and record your results on the 1st day of the month and the last day of the month using these tips, we love to see your progress.