Protective Style Types and What works for you

A protective style is a hair style that includes at least 90% of your ends concealed. Most popular are braids and twists. There are many protective styles to choose from and not only are they cute, they are great for your hair growth and can help save you time in the morning when getting ready for work or school. There are three main categories of protective styles and it is important to know which category works best for you and your hair type. Be sure to note that when using protective styles not to pull at the scalp too much. An excessively tight set of twists or braids can cause your edges to break off and that is the last thing you want. If you have already suffered from broken edges, head over to our shop page and try out our Save The Edges Roll-On. There are protective styles you can wear and apply our roll on to regrow new, healthy edges.


Low manipulation


Low manipulation protective styles are those that require little to no daily management. These are often thought of as box braids, individuals, kinky twists, etc. Most likely completed by a professional hair braider. Low manipulation styles are great for people that have generally healthy hair, hair that produces a lot of natural oils and those that have trouble getting “2nd day hair” when doing styles such as twist outs. These attributes fit this category well, because these styles typically are worn for much longer periods of time, sometimes up to 3 months.


Short Term


Short term protective styles are usually those very similar to low manipulation but done without added hair or weave. Twists, braids, cornrows and etc. fit into this category. Short term protective styles are great for people that get bored easily and would probably just waste their money wearing box braids for three weeks. If your hair tangles easily, short term is also great for you. Occasionally a person will have a low manipulation style and months later go to take their hair down and it’s almost locking into dreads. Short term hair styles are a better option for this type of hair.  A lot of kid’s hair styles are also short term and can be redone from week to week.


Long Term


Long term protective styles include crochet braids, sew-ins, and other types of braids. This category is very similar to low manipulation in the length of time that the style is left in, typically one to two months. The difference is these can tend to take longer time to install, the hair may be completely concealed such as in a sew-in and these types of styles are great for people trying to grow their hair.


Finding which protective style works for you is all about trial and error. The same styles do not work on every person. Finding what fits is a combination between patience, hair type and personal preference. The important thing is to remember that your edges should not be pulled tight or stressed and to always drink lots of water and take your vitamins. Protective styles mean that you have less access to externally moisturizing your hair and because of this it is important to take every step possible to ensure your strands are not thirsty. Thanks for reading!