Wash day routine made easy!

Wash day has become a scary conundrum. There are memes all over the internet about how women are using 10-15 products and spending sometimes upward of 4 hours washing their hair. There are some necessary products and good habits that should be done on wash day, but the process does not have to be as daunting as people make it seem. This sample wash day routine should give you less stress and more hair retention. These are the bare basics needed to keep your hair healthy, and moisturized without costing you a full day’s work in the bathroom or kitchen.


Section hair


Traditionally a person would throw their head in the sink or wash their hair in the shower, but there is another way to try things that will help you detangle and refrain from hair loss. This method works especially well for people with thick hair or long hair. Nevertheless even if your hair is not one of the two sectioning your hair before you begin the process will cut down on time and ensure that you have given the proper attention to every strand on your head from root to tip. 




Shampoo is meant to remove the oil and product build up from the scalp. Your focus when shampooing should be on rubbing your scalp until it is squeaky clean. You can tell if it is clean or not by the suds that are created. Low suds usually are what you start off with because the soap is breaking down the buildup. Once you apply shampoo and begin to see lots of big bubble and foam, you are on your way to a lean scalp. Be sure to use a shampoo that does not have sulfate or alcohol in it. These two ingredients will strip your hair of its natural oils as well as the product build up and you will dry your hair out which causes more work on the back end as you are trying to put the moisture back into your hair.




Still working with your hair from section to section apply conditioner. If you are in a hurry you can simply condition, wait about 5 minutes and then rinse. If you have set aside some extra time for this wash day we recommend a deep condition. Deep conditions last generally about 20-30 minutes. They work best when your scalp is warm/hot because at these temperatures your pores are open and your scalp can absorb all the vitamins and nutrients your conditioner raves about. (If you put on a cap after you condition, your scalp will heat itself naturally).




Before you rinse your conditioner out, o through each section and finger detangle your hair. Be very gentle and thorough. Once you are finished, use cold water to rinse the conditioner out. Cold water is a must because it will seal in the moisture from the conditioner and close you pores.




Now you are ready to style! If you are going with a wash and go you can leave your hair in sections to apply oil and cream before shaking your hair out to air dry.


Wash day easy and simple! There are opinions that you should pre-poo or shampoo before, co-wash; only use conditioner, and etc. The list goes on, but this routine is tried and true. You can add your own flair; just remember to keep it realistic. Depending on the length and thickness of your hair your routine should take no longer than 2 hours. Hopefully this helps and cuts down time on your wash day. Thanks for reading!